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    Pastor Trey cleveland

    Cory, Let’s cause change in the world!

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    Hello Cory,
    At the UHI Social Determinants of Health conference at Bloomberg last April, I believe I heard you say, during your remarks, that you believe there is a “central value around which cultures pivot.” I’m a researcher at UMBC and this has become an important point for me. Was it you? Do I have this right? If so, is there an article or something you could cite that would help me get some reference for this idea?

    • Cory B., The Worvolutionary

      Hi Lee, I am so sorry that I”m just seeing your message so late. I apologize. I don’t keep this page as current as I should. I’m not familiar with your reference. I don’t think that was a statement from my talk (as I reviewed my comments). It is indeed an interesting idea that there is a “central” value around which cultures pivot. I’d be curious to hear what that pivot point is and from what genealogy of power that knowledge is contrived. If you hear anymore on that, please do share. Best of success.

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