When you are feeling very low–on the bottom looking up at the bottom….

you can’t seem to reach up to grasp and obtain that thing to which you aspire…

you may feel like your world is turning upside down…

It very well might be…But that’s because God is putting the natural laws of gravity to work for you

Tipping heaven and good success your way so that which was once too high to reach is now making its way down to reach you where you are. The shaking you’re experiencing is like a chef pouring the batter out of the cake bowl into the baking pan, getting every last bit of batter out of the bowl into the next vessel for next phase of completion.

So just hold on through the mixing, the upside down turning, and the shaking. God knows your strength is little and that you don’t have the strength to move–so the laws of gravity are being put to work to benefit you.  #thelastshallbeFIRST #reaches2me #theoilflowsdowntotheHEM

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