When you just need a win and it seems like the opposition keeps mounting-

Have you ever been in that place/space of time when the way seems so hard and you can’t get a win. Just seems like you can’t catch the break you need. Yeah i did it, but geesh why is the consequence so steep–doesn’t seem to match the infraction. Today, trying to replace my license and encountering all these barriers made me feel that so strongly. Things did eventually work out for me, but THE ALL guided me to a scripture that talked about discipline. And i realized that these situations are developing the discipline. These hard-ships are developing the discipline. This is a very different way of thinking of discipline–not as punishment, retribution, consequence for something you did or did not do. Rather, it is an opportunity to build into my soul a capacity that I previously did not possess or that needed to be strengthened. If I can identity the capacity/capacities being isolated, then perhaps I can work synergistically rather than antagonistically, also calling my cognition and emotions in service to the discipline that is emerging. The measure, action, correction, consequence and ‘stuff’ is NOT the discipline. IT is a tool of the discipline, and the discipline (if I allow it) is forming, shaping, and contouring my soul.


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    Duane Wade

    I needed to read this today brother. Thank you.

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    I got this

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    Emerson Drake

    Ummmmmmm…..The Evidence of “permission granted” vs. the spoils of “access denied” when embracing all levels and possibilities of evolution through the acceptance of greater and the wisdom of humility.

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