A conversation on forgiveness.

The Dialogue

My therapist: So when you come next time I want you to talk to me a little more about The Lord’s prayer model “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.”

Me: See, if I can just be a little brutally honest…it’s just unfair the way God expects us to forgive when God is God. So when God says I will cast your sins into the sea of forgetfullness, in fact God being God can do that and never remember it. But I’m human and I can’t forget. So it’s not fair.

Internal Me reflecting on the bus: I guess I should review that scripture. But I still have a point; I mean after all I can’t be asked to do God things because I’m not God.

Me voice answering: But isn’t that what Jesus is all about. He came as a human to show that it’s humanly possible to do the God thing.

Internal Me arguing with Me voice: But still Jesus is divine. That’s why he can forgive…He is God.

God: But so aren’t you?


I realize that I am most divine when I activate forgiveness AND acceptance. It is not a RE-action to a circumstance. It is a PRO-vision. That’s why it is (FORE) giving.

It is the life that accepts the frailty of the human condition and superimposes DIVINE GODNESS which turns muck into glory.

That is why it has no ratio of distribution 1:1; instead its 70X70X70 which is to say that forgiveness is exponential–it cannot be tallied-tit for tat. And it doesn’t fix ‘an issue’ nor is it assigned to ONE failure/error/sin per forgiveness.

Forgiveness and acceptance are dispensations and portals out of time and into eternal designs. And if I cannot forgive and accept then I am stuck and bound in time to re-experience and re-imagine the hurt and its consequences. It keeps you and I, immovably fixated in a moment of pain rather than release us from the confines of that space and that historical past.

Forgiveness comes from an internal inexhaustible supply of grace that never runs out like the widow’s oil in Elijah’s miracle for as long as there remains an open vessel, the oil will flow. But the minute there is no more capacity, there is no more oil. That in part is perhaps why we experience forgiveness AS we forgive. Engines can’t run without oil and neither will my soul without forgiving and accepting.

Forgiveness and acceptance is the exercise of greatness and the exercise of a great, expansive, immeasurable spirit. It is the oxygen of the innovator and creative, elsewise how would one be able to progress if stuck in the loop of failure.

Exercising forgiveness and acceptance with as many opportunities as life affords me is my way of saying to failure (not the person)… that what was intended for my demise and destruction…the attempt to immobilize me, in fact cannot and will not.

Forgiveness and acceptance is evidence that I am Divine.

Calvary is the proof that I don’t have to wait to be asked for forgiveness in order to make forgiveness available. Asking ultimately benefits the one who petitions because it assures them within that they have received it (because they are aware they needed it). That is to say, you know you were healed because you know you were sick. And you know what is light because you know what is meant to be blind.

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