Experimental Dialogue with God about Jacob’s new name

Experimental Dialogue with God & Scripture:

While wrestling, the Angel asks Jacob what is your name? And then the Angel tells Jacob his “name”. The disciples came to Jesus rejoicing that when they were sent out in His authority that “even the devils are subject unto us through thy name.”  Jesus rebukes them and exhorts them to rejoice in the authority-power to walk among serpents, scorpions, and all the HOSTILITY (power) of the enemy. So, sidenote. I don’t know why we have been fantasizing that when we walk among scorpions, serpents and hostility of the enemy that we are not bound to get stung, bitten, attacked. The B-clause is that nothing will injure or damage us, but it does not necessarily mean that you won’t get attacked or bitten. Just know that it doesn’t damage or injure your destiny. Then Jesus says to them rejoice because your NAMES are registered or recorded in the atmospheric dimensions (heavenly dimensions).  That beautifully dovetails into Jacob’s encounter. Jacob is not to be consumed with whether the opponent was defeated, but that Jacob received an authority that is registered in atmospheric and heavenly dimensions invested in his own name, character, reputation.

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